ChemTrak® Online (CTO) for Internet web browsers is an entirely new product for the management of pesticide applications and regulatory reporting, based on the legacy ChemTrak software introduced by OCS Software a decade ago.

Take CTO for a free test drive in two ways - click Demo, then logon as a “Guest” at any time or Subscribe for a free 30-day trial. Please review the information below for more detail. Contact for information regarding instructional licensing for schools, universities, or farm community agencies.

CTO. There's never anything to ship or download or install or update, even if you change computers or spend all of your time on the road. Just connect to a local Internet number, logon to CTO, and go to work.

CTO. Use Windows, Macintosh, or any other computer with a web browser. Use it individually or add as many network users as you need - in the next office, across the nation, or around the world.

CTO. Free support includes a complete online user guide, a searchable Q&A database, responsive email, and an active forum for discussion with other users.

CTO. Active "map menus" are a custom option with CTO. Recent additions have included advisor recommendations and multi-ranch inventory. Future plans include accounting features for commercial applicators, an off-line work utility, and support for hand-held field devices.

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ChemTrak Online for Internet web browsers

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